Test Page

Time to do stuff for the new year 2014

Oh Shit! It is August 2016 and ME/CFS is winning :-( I'll try a little JavaScript.

Somehow its already June and I still haven't done anything

2012 arrives, it gets to May... and I try a little SVG

Perhaps I should link to a page for trying out SVG

As you can see, I've never got around to doing anything with my SDF account, but it does work. Err, there is more to pay to get programming languages enabled.

Nothing here, move along now

How much should one type into a test page? If one can touch type then one can put in a whole paragraph. If you connot, start learning today!

New this September

just one paragraph to let me know that I've changed the file

Of course, there has to be a link to a cgi script, even if it just generates static data

CGI scripts are not working today, Monday 1st December, because SMJ is changing how permissions work. I've chosen a bad day to have another look at my perl scripts

I've not understood when pages are updated. Is it just the index page that is delayed.

  1. I need a static page
  2. And another one
so I can check this out.

Meanwhile I want to try unnamed parameters, such as 2+2 or 5+7. You have to view the HTML source to see why this is an interesting thing to try.

Adding the date makes it more interesting.

Enter a contingency table.
Just a little tweak on April 15th 2012 so I can see that the change has come hrough.